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  1. General
  2. League Play
  3. Teams
  4. Seven (7) Member Teams
  5. Dummy/Casper Rule
  6. Play Offs
  7. High Scores
  8. Format of Play
  9. Draw
  10. Forfeit
  11. Points
  12. Team Standings
  13. Score Sheets
  14. Stats
  15. Verbal and Physical Abuse – Disciplinary
  16. Jitneys
  17. Banquet updated
  18. Trophies
  19. Meetings
  20. Forms
  21. Board of Directors
  22. Conflict of Interest
  23. Executive Prerogative


As a league we follow the generally accepted rules of darts with the following exceptions:

A player should be a paid member of the community association he/she is representing as a team member, with either a full membership or an associate membership within that community that the team calls home.


League play and play–off format for each year will be approved/altered by the league membership of the preceding season at the Annual General Meeting held in April/May of each year.

Entry fees are $5.00 per person, payable to the team Captain, which is to be turned into the league at the regular monthly meetings. Registration will continue throughout the year to a date seven (7) weeks prior to end of season.

The Team registration date is prior to the beginning of each season, such date is decided on at the Annual General Meeting. No team registrations will be accepted after such named date, no exceptions.

A team fee, will be decided on at the Annual General Meeting. One half will be collected at the November Captain/Co-Captain meeting and the second half will be collected at the February Captain/Co-Captain meeting.

The Captain/Co-Captain meetings will be every first Tuesday of November, February, and April at the Presidents home venue for darts or at such venue as decided by the President and announced at the August/September special Captain Meeting. Venue will be set for the year, it will not change on a monthly basis.

The league may bring in new rules at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership to ICDL by any player that is under suspension from any other league or Darts Alberta must be approved by the executive and team captains.

The NDFC rules will be used as a back up to the outline rules, for situations that are not expressly covered by ICDL rules.

League Play

The league season will be 20 - 30 weeks of play with a break at Christmas. If required, the Mini round robin will be played at the beginning of the season, with a full round robin to commence immediately after for the rest of the season. The playoffs will follow league end by no more than three weeks. It is up to the Board for the set up of the league schedule, with concentration on equal divisional play. The league must set up an equal schedule as to home and away games for each team. If a community has two or more teams, then the league will try to have one team home at all times. Currently the league is using a Round Robin Format with each team playing every other team at least once in the season.


Teams with 7 players MUST HAVE 1 player of the opposite gender; teams with 8 to 11 players, MUST HAVE 2 players of the opposite gender; teams with 12 players MUST HAVE 3 players of the opposite gender. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Players may be borrowed from another team, preferably prior to the night of play. Should a team have 8 players for the night, but only 1 of the opposite gender, 1 player must sit out and the dummy rule will be used.

Should a team fail to meet the above requirements, they must forfeit the night of play.

As a league it is viewed that a team is made up of 12 regular players, with 8 players minimum on a night of play. Teams are made up of 2 players (4 teams) with up to 4 spares. A blind draw is done each evening with any remaining players as spares. Spares will remain on the same board throughout the evening.

You may have more than 12 registered players on your team, but no more than 12 players can play on any given game date/night, including playoffs.

You may borrow no more than 2 players to make a maximum of 8. You must have 5 of your own registered players (full league play including play-offs).

If a team has only six players and the opposing team offers a player, the player must be accepted.

Seven (7) Member Teams

If a team must play a league night with seven (7) players:

At least one of those players will be of the opposite gender, (as previously stated); and

The 7th player drawn will play alone, NO EXCEPTIONS, regardless of strength and/or gender.

Communication within your individual teams will alleviate this problem. Team members are requested to notify their Captain prior to the Tuesday before play that they will be absent, other than emergencies and/or unforeseen circumstances. All efforts must be made by the team Captain to replace those persons by obtaining a "spare" from a team other than the one they are playing. If this cannot be done, then a player from the opposing team may be "borrowed" at the consent of the opposing team.

Captains phone list is available on the website in the Team Admin.

Dummy/Casper Rule

If your team is playing with only seven (7) players, the team member playing alone will use the Dummy/Casper Rule. While the score is equal to 101 or greater, you will receive 25 points for your "Dummy/Casper" Partner and will only play three (3) darts to the opposing team's six (6) darts. When the score falls below 101, you will play in place of your Dummy/Casper Partner (giving you six (6) darts to the opposing team six (6) darts) counting these scores instead of the 25 points.

Play Offs

Playoffs will be played in as many halls as possible. After the first half is completed, the First place team in each division will have the option of hosting a division for playoffs, with not more than 2 divisions in one hall. Halls available are: Pineridge, Forest Lawn, Rundle, Dover and Penbrooke. Should the division have 3 teams, Abbeydale and Erinwoods are also available. The league will pick the playoff venues to host the playoffs that year at the first Captain’s meeting in September. The selection from the set venues will be given to the First place team in each division at the end of the first half of play.

Playoffs will be scored by total games played, not the point system used in the league.

The playoffs will be divided into equal divisions (wherever possible) of three (3) or more teams each, with no more than 4 teams in any division. The top teams from regular season play will be placed in Division "A", the next in division "B", etc. All divisions to be made up of equal number of teams (wherever possible) and all teams from the league shall participate in the playoffs. The format for Playoffs will be decided at the Annual General Meeting for the next year. The Executive will be in charge of the start times and dates of the playoffs without members votes, start time will be no later than 10:00 am. Start times for each division will be included in the playoff packages.

Each team is to play every other team in their division (Round robin play).

If a team needs to borrow a player, they may attempt to do so within their division and if that is not possible, they may only borrow from a division below them, with the exception of the bottom division, as they need to borrow from the division directly above.

In the case of a forfeit during the play-offs, all games against the forfeiting team shall be void.

In the playoffs you can borrow up to 2 players for 1 round only, or if the player wants to, they can play all rounds with that team.

In the event of a tie at playoffs, the standing will be determined by the number of games won, then by the most matches won. If still a tie, then it will end as a tie.

The executive will provide a copy of the Basic Playoff rules in team playoff packages as a courtesy.

Note: Players need a minimum of 7 weeks of league play to play in the playoffs. Team Captains, when necessary, may appeal on behalf of a member in good standing with less than 7 nights of play to allow that member to play in the playoffs. This decision will be by the executive by consensus at a regular meeting.

High Scores

It has been decided that all high scores will be recognized at the Banquet, i.e. High-Ins, High-Outs, Male and Female and 180's and will only be counted from Thursday night league play and the Play-offs. All others will be taken care of on the day of the shoot taking place. A score of 170 will be reflected on the website as a perfect out not high out, along the same lines as a 180.

Format of Play

All regular rounds are 501 fly in, double out, all 3 games must be played. Teams to rotate, to cause all 4 home teams to play all 4 of the visiting teams.

A late player may join in at the beginning of any set.

For players who leave mid-game, a grace of 5 – 10 minutes will be given to a player if they have informed the opposing team that they will be back. Otherwise, the game that is in process will be forfeited.

Chalk and walk has been adopted by the league. Home teams may still chalk if they wish. Spares are still asked to chalk if possible. If there are spares on the board they must chalk with the exception for health reasons.

There are to be no electronic score boards to be used in the ICDL. Home team will ensure the dartboards are the proper distance away, and are in good condition, and ensure of proper lighting.

Due to the rotational mode of play used in this league it is necessary to have 4 dartboards for 2 teams and in the event of entering 3 teams it is necessary to have 8 dartboards. The 8 boards for 3 teams are needed in the event of 2 teams being scheduled at home on the same evening.

Due to the ALCB rules and the different house rules within the different Community Associations, we must restrict membership with this league to 18 years of age and older.


Draw for the team players will be as follows:

1st player drawn will be player #1

2nd player drawn will be player #2 and will be partner to player #1

3rd player drawn will be player #3

4th player drawn will be player #4 and will be partner to player #3 etc.


If a team forfeits the match, their opponents will receive 25 games won (2 points for the win) on the evening of play and the forfeiting team will receive zero games won (0 points for the loss).


A total of 48 games are played on an evening of league play. The team with the most wins on the night (i.e. 25 points or greater) will receive two (2) points for the Win on the night. If both teams have won equally (24 games each) each team will receive one (1) point for the night. The team scoring fewer than 24 points on the night will receive zero (0) points for the night.

Playoffs will be scored with total games played. The point system will remain as the regular league scoring system.

Team Standings

Teams will be ranked based on the total number of points accumulated during the round robin. If there should happen to be a tie, the following criteria will be used to rank the teams:

  1. Most wins
  2. Most ties
  3. Least losses
  4. Most games won
  5. Head to head
  6. Countback

Score Sheets

A standard score sheet will be supplied by the league and must be filled out in its entirety, scores verified and sheets signed by both captains on the night of play.

All scores must be submitted electronically at http://www.dartscalgary.ca/stats/update.asp within 72 hours of team play. (Passwords are given to team captains at the beginning of each season) If a team is unable to submit scores electronically they must contact the statistician within 72 hours of play at statistician@dartscalgary.ca. The first offense of a score sheet not entered by the next Wednesday will receive a warning, second offense and each offense thereafter will receive an e-mail notification and a one (1) point deduction from their total score, at the Board of Directors discretion. Going forward, the Executive will enforce the Rules as written, 1 point off the total games if late sheets.

All Score Sheets (home and away) will be turned into the Statistician on the first Tuesday of November, February, and April, at the Captain/Co-Captain meeting. Scoresheets may be dropped off at all sanctioned shoots. Drop off of final score sheets for nights of play after the April meeting will be the Tuesday following the final night of play.

Sheets must be filled out in their entirety, including play-off games.

Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Most Sportsman Like Player (MSLP)
Each team will select an MVP and MSLP (male and female) from the opposing team after each night of play. The chosen players names will be written, in full on the score sheet.

If a player is borrowed on a night of play, they remain a player of their originating team, thus they are ineligible to be voted by their originating team as MVP or MSLP of the opposing team.

Most Sportsman like Team (MSLT) will be voted on a nightly rating of the opposing team of 1 to 5. 1 for showing poor sportsmanship and 5 for showing good sportsmanship. This will be a cumulative score throughout the season with winner decided in the same format as MSLP and MVP.

High Scores and High Outs
Each team will record their high scores and high outs after each night of play. The statistician requires these, even if they are under the current standing.

A Most Sportsmanlike Team will be selected after league play with each team having one vote. Forms will be provided with play-off packages.

No Captain/Co-Captain of an opposing team will sign the other teams Score Sheets unless it is fully completed.


Stats will be collected on the league website at http://www.dartscalgary.ca/stats/update.asp. Each Captain or team designate is required to complete the Score Sheet Entry Page for their team within 72 hours of team play.

Passwords for designated team member will be e-mailed at the start of each season. Executive members will have access to overall stats pages.

If you require assistance with the Score Sheet Entry Page you may contact either statistician@dartscalgary.caor webmaster@dartscalgary.ca

All stats will be made available to members on the website at http://www.dartscalgary.ca/stats.

A new Missing Stats Report will be completed and provided to the Team Captains by email to the captains with the missing sheets.

Verbal and Physical Abuse - Discipline

A Disciplinary Committee will be formed to oversee and answer any and all complaints. This committee will be formed from the executive and the general community. There will be 2 executive members and 3 members of the general community. The communities will be requested to submit one name from each team. If a complaint is received, 3 names will be drawn from the pool, and along with the 2 executives, they will assess the situation and take the appropriate action. If the persons involved belong to e.g. PMCA none of the names from the PMCA Community will go into the pool for drawing; this enables the committee to respond and take action from a non-biased standpoint. All complaints must be made in writing and given to a person from the executive within 7 days of the incident. The executive will then immediately draw 3 names from the pool. Those same members will then be contacted and a meeting will be held as soon as possible.

The Disciplinary Committee has the following guideline options to use for individual infractions:

  • Letter of Reprimand
  • Suspension (between 1 - 4 nights of play)
  • Blackballed
  • Exclude from Play-offs

If a member is drawn to play and shows unsportsmanlike conduct, they are to receive a verbal warning from their Captain and a letter from the executive. The second time they will be asked to leave the league.

All members involved in a dispute will be required to be present at the disciplinary meeting called by the executive to discuss the conflict.

The disciplinary committee must notify the offender(s) within 24 hours in writing.


At the Annual General Meeting the league will announce the dates of all Annual League Shoots. There will be 4 weekends required for these Annual League Shoots (Sadie Hawkins Shoot, Turkey Shoot, Captain/Co-Captain Shoot, and the Charity Shoot). All other weekends will be available for communities to book a Jitney if they wish. However, if a community has previously booked a Jitney and another community holds a shoot that same weekend, the second community may not advertise through the league.

The Turkey Shoot is restricted to ICDL Members only. The Caption/Co-Captain Shoot is restricted to Captains and Co-Captains, or two representatives from each team if the Captain and/or Co-Captain are unable to attend.

All league sponsored events to start at 10:00, registration to be 9:00 – 9:30. The League will have a non-perishable food donation box at league sanctioned events to help support the Food Bank and further our charitable endeavors. The League will make every effort possible to have draws modified to male – female blind draws.

If during a Jitney a registered league player walks out before playing their full games, that player is to be given a verbal warning by their Team Captain for the first offense. If that registered league player walks out of another Jitney then that player will be banned from partaking in any league sanctioned shoots for the rest of the season.

Any and all communities holding a Jitney, other than the ICDL Annual League shoots, will take responsibility for their own shoot.

All ICDL Annual League shoots will, at a minimum, be cash prizes equivalent to 75% of moneys paid out and 25% of moneys in door prizes with the exception of the Charity Shoot which will have no cash prizes. All plaques will be given out at each shoot, the master trophies will be presented at the banquet.

The 1st place team at the end of regular play will be awarded the venue for the Turkey Shoot. If that team chooses not to host the Shoot, it is open for any and all communities to request. If no requests are made, the shoot will be held at a venue set by the current Board.

The Charity for the Charity Shoot will be decided on at every second Annual General Meeting (odd years).


The ICDL Executive will host the banquet. The league will pay for the expenses. It is the ICDL Executive discretion as to the final selection of location, caterers, DJ, etc. The Executive will remain open to suggestions from the league players.

Going forward, Banquet tickets will be $35 for Members and $40 for Non-Members.

Any moneys gained through the sale of banquet tickets, liquor tickets, Brown Bag Auction and 50/50 stays within the league.


The point leader at the end of the regular season shall receive 12 individual trophies for the team members, plus one overall trophy for one year's display at their community hall. The last place team at the end of regular season play shall receive individual trophies only.

The first place team in each of the playoff divisions shall receive 12 individual trophies for their team members, plus a divisional trophy for one year's display in their community hall. The second place team in the playoff division shall receive 12 individual trophies only.

The individual trophies are to be supplied by the league. Other trophies supplied by the league and/or by donation for regular season play are MVP, and MSLP for each gender. High Score, High Out, High In (each gender), 180s and 177s will be awarded something from the league. Unused trophies will be dealt with by the league.


The Captain/Co-Captain meetings shall take place on the first Tuesday of September, November, and February at the President's home community, unless otherwise decided by the President and announced at the August/September General Meeting. Venue will not change through the current dart year. Each team is required to send a representative to this meeting. A Quorum of 60% of team Captains/representatives must be in attendance to approve agenda items that require a vote.

If a team is unable to send a representative, they must arrange for their monthly sheets to be delivered withtheir proxy for voting on matters that arise at the meeting. Options for delivery are: Ask the Captain of the team you are playing the week before a meeting to deliver your game sheets; Speak to a member of the Board. Prior to the meeting, please email or phone the President or other Board member to notify them of your absence and, if you have done so in writing, advise who is holding your proxy. The Member Proxy form can be found on the ICDL Forms webpage.

Executive meetings will be held at least quarterly after the Captain/Co-Captain meeting.

An Annual General Meeting is to take place after the end of dart play, including playoffs, and prior to the banquet. This meeting is to elect the new Board of Directors, as set out in Item 21 and take care of any league business. This meeting will be held on either a Tuesday or Thursday evening at the same venue as decided upon for Captain/Co-Captain meetings. Quorum for the Annual General Meeting is a minimum of 10% of the registered league members from the prior year's play.

Each person attending the Annual General Meeting is allowed 1 proxy vote only. A proxy vote may be used for any general item, but not used for election of Board Members.

A General Meeting will take place at the beginning of the new season, prior to league play. This meeting will be held at a date determined at the Annual General meeting.

Items to be distributed at each Captain/Co-Captain meeting include Agenda, current Treasurer's Report, and Current Membership List (including fees not yet paid). Prior meeting minutes and current stats can be viewed and printed online at http://www.dartscalgary.ca.

Items to be distributed at the Annual General Meeting include Agenda and Current Treasurer's Report. Prior meeting minutes can be viewed and printed online at http://www.dartscalgary.ca/minutes.asp.


The league will make available, through the website the following items:

  • Score Sheets
  • General League Rules
  • League Schedule
  • Jitney Schedule
  • Current Overall Stats
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Contact Information for Board Members and Community Halls
  • Various other dart information

At the beginning of the season, the league will supply to each team captain, at the September Captain/CoCaptain meeting, score sheets and league schedules. If more are required, Captains are asked to copy and distribute to their teams.

Board of Directors

This is an 9-member board with most positions up for re-election each year. The exception is the President who is elected for a 2-year term on the 1st term and a 1 year term on any consecutive election.

Positions are:

  • President
  • Vice-President/Scheduler
  • Secretary/Membership
  • Treasurer/Statistician
  • Four (4) Directors at Large (duties to assist with shoots)

One non-executive directors is:

  • Webmaster

Signing authorities on the league account are the President, Vice-President and the Treasurer (two of which must sign).

All board members may vote, with the exception of the President unless needed for a tiebreaker.

Conflict of Interest

Any husband/wife or common-law may not serve on the Board of Directors during the same term. Directors-at-large do not fall under this rule.

Executive Prerogative

The Executive may, at their monthly meetings, make non-monetary, non rule-changing decisions, for the betterment of the league, throughout the year without needing a member vote for action.

At the executive's discretion, they may make a donation of $250.00 maximum, per year.